hello all you lovlies! I don’t know why I said that, I’ve never said that before, and I’ve never written it either. Hm.. Ok, Sup Dudes and Dudettes. Yeah… Yeah, that feels better.

Sup Lovlies…..shit.

Wanted to give you guys a heads up. If you are reading this as it’s being posted today on Friday Nov 22nd, first off, I love you because that means you’re a fan and that’s so kick ass, thank you. Secondly, it also means I am going to be moving today.. well, all this weekend and next week. So that means I will be MIA for a couple weeks from the comic. Be sure to check back on the Patreon, I will be posting some stuff on there, you can even just follow us on Patreon without paying anything, I post for everyone from time to time, but I will have updates on what’s going on there.

Again, I love you guys, seriously. When you guys comment, it makes my whole day, thank you for reading the story so far. There is much more to come!!!