Hey all! So here’s the skinny. I got a huge gig, 9 videos to edit in the month of January – February and 3 to film – in short, I got swamped with work which is an amazing thing, but I need to focus on the work. I will still be doing comics every Mon-Wed-Fri, but I will be doing the comics in more of a cartoony style and from my notes I keep about my real life (similar to the first year). Hope you enjoy and whenever I do get a little time (normally each comic takes about 8-10 hours to do) I will absolutely be getting back to the story. And yes, to make sure our DVD level Patrons are taken care of this month, I will be making a character drawing of your characters and posting them on the Patreon page for your to download, keep, love, use as an icon / profile pic – whatever you want.  Love you all!!